InterSystems Caché ObjectScript and M Technology

¨ Suggested textbooks for Caché ObjectScript and M technology learning:

Í M Freeware from Center for Medical Informatics (ADD), J. W. Goethe University Medical School, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

InterSystems: - check this site to download the free evaluation copy of InterSystems Caché 5!

RMU Caché Object Script and M technology courses: INFS3140 is offered in the Fall and Spring Semesters; INFS3141 is offered in the Spring Semester.

Applicable Standards: ISO/IEC doc. IS 15852:1999, Information technology – Programming languages – M (revision of 11756:1992); VA specifications and programming standards

M/ Caché ObjectScript Links:

·         InterSystems:

·         Caché ObjectScript Reference:

·         Caché ObjectScript Tutorial:

·         Caché ObjectScript Release Notes (Enhancements):

·         Caché ObjectScript Components:

·         Sukesh Hoogan - Caché ObjectScript:

·         See also Ed de Moel, M[UMPS] By Example (© Ed de Moel, 1995-1999) online at This online resource is part of a book by Ed de Moel that originally published under the title M[UMPS] by Example.

·         CompInfo – information on M/MUMPS:

·         M FAQ Pages (at University of California Davis site):

·         ESI:

·         V8GO:

·         Sanchez GTM:

·         Rick’s M Links:

·         Caché Info Source:

·         Positions in M Technology

·         Internet M Courses

·         Programmer’s Oasis on M:

·         Ed de Moel has put the latest version (Draft # 17) of the draft MDC standard on the following FTP site. The size of the document is about 1.4 MB and almost 250 pages (40 pages of preamble and 207 pages of draft standard). It is stored as:

M/ObjectScript International:

·         UK: M Technology Association

·         Japan:

·         Korea:

·         Germany:; also: and Caché and University of Frankfurt Center for Medical Informatics:

·         Brazil:

·         Finland:

·         Russia: "Администрирование Cache'и введение в программирование на Cache'ObjectScript'",; also

·         Slovakia and Czech Republic: - “Project Triple C,” J. Zvárová, P. Hanzlíček, V. Přibík, J. Peleška*, H. Grünfeldová**, R. Hatala***, EuroMISE Center of Charles University and Academy of Sciences (*University Hospital in Prague, ** Hospital in Caslav, The Czech Republic, *** Slovak Cardiovascular Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia); see also:

·         Israel:

·         Egypt:; see also: Millennium Hospital Management Information System: Experience of the National Cancer Institute – Cairo University,” Omar El Hattab, Epideliology and Biostatistics Department, National Cancer Institute – Cairo University, Kasr El Aini St, Fom El Khalig, Cairo, Egypt, MEDINFO 2001. See also Kuwait:

·         Spain:

·         Belgium:

·         France:

·         Nigeria:

VA/VISTA Software Links:

·         Hardhats:

·         WorldVista:; also:

·         VistA Expertise Network:

·         LinuxMedNews:

·         VA FileMan Bibliography: VAFileManBibliography.htm

·         VistA Publication Projects: VistA-RelPublicaProjs.htm

Note: MUMPS® is a registered trademark of Massachusetts General Hospital Corporation.

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