Here's how you help the help desk help you and others at RMU!

Call 412-397-2211 or e-mail or on the web

Your messages to the help desk make a difference!

Please make sure that you call the IT Help Desk every time you experience a problem. Please describe the problem or need carefully and completely. If it is after the Help Desk hours or you are not able to personally speak with someone, please leave (or e-mail) a detailed message that includes the following:

  1. Who you are (name, course number, section, and time if applicable to the failure)
  2. Where you were when the problem occurred (e.g. home, office, classroom (which one?), lab (which one?), etc.)
  3. How you are trying to access the local network (i.e. H drive) and/or Internet (e.g. though your own ISP, via your connection in your office, via connection in a classroom, other).

If you were trying to connect to Citrix, please state if you were successful in accessing Citrix and where the failure occurred (i.e. did you access Citrix but failed to access the GroupWise desktop client within Citrix, or did failure occur attempting to login to Citrix?)

If you are using or attempting to use Citrix, please state how your connection to Citrix is configured (i.e. Do you use your PC modem to dial into Citrix using your phone line? Do you use an IP connection (Internet) to Citrix via a dial-up connection to your own ISP? Do you connect to Citrix using a cable modem or DSL connection to the Internet?)

If you are using or attempting to use the RMU portal, please state how you were doing that.

  1. What application are you attempting to use (i.e. GroupWise desktop client, GroupWise WebAccess through the Internet, academic UNIX server , Oracle server, MSWord, eCollege Shell, FrontPage, FTP)? If you are trying to work on an on-line course, explain what you were doing; for example, working in the eCollege Shell, trying to email, etc.
  2. Include any other details that you think would help IT personnel pinpoint the technology failure to resolve the problem!

Your help in this matter is very much appreciated. RMU wants to do everything possible can to ensure that you have the necessary tools to do your work and progress in your studies!

Please realize that you will need to use help desk services in almost any organization at work - this is your opportunity to learn to use such a facility effectively.

Valerie J. H. Powell, RT(R), PhD, C&IS, RMU