Graph Theory

Certain of our advanced and graduate courses make use of graph theory, particularly those dealing with operating systems, networks and data communications, and databases. Understanding of graph theory can be of benefit in approaching important concepts in our courses (internet routing and OSPF, deadlock detection, and database design, for example), and few of our students enroll in discrete math. The following web resources have been found useful in learning about graph theory:

(1) University of Tennessee at Martin, Chris K. Caldwell:

This course offers short interactive tutorials introducing the basic concepts of graph theory. They were designed "with the needs of future high school teachers in mind" and are also used at UTM as a supplement to their Mathematical Modeling. The site includes links to other related sites.

(2) Florida Atlantic University, Stephen C. Locke: This is a well written introduction with clear definitions of all major concepts and indexed access to advanced topics. The site includes links to other related sites.