INFS3140/INFS3141 - Information on FreeM

From Center for Medical Informatics (ADD), J. W. Goethe University Medical School, Frankfurt am Main (Germany):

Í M Freeware - FreeM:
Good news: FreeM is available. It is donated by Philathropists that still do exist, really. Many Thanks to Shalom ha-Ashkenaz! FreeM runs on Linux and SCO-Unix. As the C source code is published as well it should not be a problem to port it to other platforms, too. .
For me this generous donation fulfils a dream: Finally it should be feasable to install and use the unsurpassed richness of Mumps and VA-software free of charge.
Together with Shalom ha-Ashkenaz it would be my hope that FreeM becomes the basis for further cooperative development by the best brains of the big M community that estimate the ISO-standard.

Gute Nachrichten gibt es in der Tat: FreeMumps unter Linux ist verfügbar. Gestiftet von Philanthropen, die es wirklich noch gibt. Großen Dank an Shalom ha-Ashkenaz! FreeMumps läuft unter Linux und SCO-Unix. Da der in C geschriebene Sourcekode mitveröffentlicht wird, sollte es kein Problem sein, ihn auch auf andere Plattformen zu übertragen.
(download Für mich ist dieses großherzige Geschenk die Erfüllung eines Traumes: Endlich sollte es möglich sein, die unübertroffene Vielfalt der Mumps und VA-software kostenlos zu installieren und zu benutzen. Ich wünsche mir mit Shalom ha-Ashkenaz, daß FreeM die Basis für kooperative Weiterentwicklung wird, zu der sich die besten Kräfte der weiten M-Gemeinde zusammenfinden, die den ISO-Standard schätzen.

Wolfgang Giere, Januar 1999, Giere; e-mail: <>

From Ronald L. Fox <>, Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Honolulu, HI:

I've put together a source-only distribution of the fantastic FreeMUMPS suite of programs. With a few minor changes, it now compiles under libc-6 on a RedHat 5.0 host. Also included is a first attempt at a man page for these programs. You can find it at
Please read the instructions on that page before downloading the file, pay particular attention to the size of the file that you receive. It must be exactly 157,952 bytes as shown by Win95 Explorer (right-click, properties) or on real operating systems ( ls -la ) or something has happened to the file in transit and it won't extract properly.