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Selected URLs for ISO date and time standards, related issues, and date/time/calendar information

ISO 8601 Standard Date and Time Formats

ISO 11756 Standard Date and Time for MUMPS Programming: [$H]orolog timestamp (count of days beginning January 1, 1841, and of seconds beginning at midnight); see:

InterSystems Caché ObjectScript or

Ed de Moel, or
Explanation in Finnish:
Explanation in Japanese:
Comments in Russian: Cache-программисту - класс для $horolog
Description of COS in French:


Print Resources

Other selected URLs for ISO date and time standards and related date/time/calendar information

ISO Standard 8601

Thanks for updates to Ian Galpin, the new Editor for the ISO 8601 Standard section of the Open Directory Project (ODP) located at:;.

Calendars and Various Date Systems

ISO Standard Date/Time Formats on the Internet

Print resources:

  • Ian S. Hayes and William M. Ulrich, The Year 2000 Software Crisis: The Continuing Challenge (Yourdan Press, 1998)
  • Peter de Jager and Richard Bergeon, Countdown Y2K: Business Survival Planning for the Year 2000 (Wiley, 1999)
  • Edward Yourdan and Jennifer Yourdan, Time Bomb 2000, Revised and Updated (2nd ed.) (Prentice Hall PTR, 1999)

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