Valerie J. H. Powell, RT(R), PhD

Department of Computer & Information Systems

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Research and scholarship

Education Research (Jay Powell)

RMU Help Desk

Semester/Term Links:

         2013 Spring

         2013 Fall

Topical Links and Information:


Web sites with computer and internet terminology/concepts/acronyms:

Please inform yourself regarding information technology issues.

Computer virus and related security topics and Encryption and Security

Discrete analysis topics and links, including links to web-based introductions to graph theory

Discrete Math Tool Requirements Document

Software Resources for Teaching Discrete Mathematics

SQL Standards (ANSI X3.135-1992 "Database Language SQL" and ISO/IEC 9075:1992, "Information Technology - Database Languages - SQL"). See JCC Consulting, Inc., SQL standards page: to
For current activity, link to and check projects for Technical Committee H2.

Ethics in Information Technology

Negation and Exclusion in SQL and other Database Technologies - topics, queries, conditions, semantics, syntax

M technology information (positions, suggested texts, FAQs, on-line resources)

Number and Meaning Resources

ABET Accreditation see ABET Evaluation Criteria and link to 2003-2004 CAC Criteria. To identify IS-accredited institutions see ABET Accreditation, search by discipline Information Systems.

2wire information on DSL connections:

ISO 8601 and related Resources - ISO date/time standards, calendars, Y2K retrospective

The Bit Budget Concept (used in INFS2210, INFS3230, INFS3450, INFS6210, INFS6230, INFS6760) Comments about the "symbol budget" problem implicit in the genetic code.

Health Care Informatics Concepts

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